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In a sea of constant change, organizations are looking for new ways to add value to the lives of their customers or citizens and increase shareholder value.

  • 57% of executives interviewed as part of the 2019 CGI Client Global Insights said they have a digital transformation strategy at the enterprise level
  • 10% reported reaching a stage where they are highly agile to change
  • 10% are producing results from their digital transformation

Today, innovation and agility are the key drivers of value creation. As a result, enterprises are under pressure to rethink how they get things done and design an organization that generates ideas and value fast.

Through an agile operating model framework, enterprise change methodology, structured innovation management approach and emerging technologies, CGI supports clients in redefining value creation in today’s digital world. We help clients continually innovate, change and operate in an agile manner.

Innovate, Operate, Change